Coffee Roaster Repair Procedures

      Each of the following repair procedures outline the process to remove and replace parts of the Hottop Coffee Roaster. They are presented here for your convenience and for educational purposes. Before attempting any of the following procedures, be sure to read through the procedure thoroughly, and be sure that you are comfortable with the steps listed therein. The procedures are written with a certain amount of information taken for granted such as, but not limited to, the proper use of hand tools and dealing with the splicing of electrical wires. These are not written as, nor meant to be a comprehensive repair guide.

      These procedures show the KN-8828D. Some parts of the current models have been updated and so the procedures may vary slightly for older models.

      For all procedures it is best to remove all "loose" parts of the machine before beginning- these include the cooling tray, rear filter, and bean chute cover. It is also helpful to remove the drum as this makes the machine lighter and easier to handle.


WARNING: Read all safety warnings and procedures before attempting any of these procedures. We also urge you to read the Troubleshooting Guide on this website before assuming any part of the roaster is faulty. It is possible to damage the machine, and/or void your warranty, and/or cause a dangerous or hazardous situation by following these procedures. Always unplug the machine before beginning any maintenance or repair chores and never work on the machine until it has fully cooled to room temperature. Proceed at your own risk.
CAUTION: Some parts of this machine have sharp edges and other cutting hazards. Take care to protect yourself and the electronic and electrical components of this machine from sharp edges as you work.
CAUTION: There are electronic components in this machine that can be damaged by static electricity. Take static precautions when handling the electronic components or their connections.